The Plant

Traditional herbal medicine, folklore, indigenous native customs and even modern day pharmaceuticals all look to the wonderful biodiversity of plants and the amazing array of nutrients and chemicals they contain. Ahiflower® was recorded as far back as 1597 in Gerrard’s Herbal and has been a feature of the English countryside, growing as a small meadow / hedgerow plant or appearing as a weed amongst fields of wheat and barley. It is endemic to many wheat growing regions across the world. It’s unique and unparalleled healthy oil profile attracted us to embark on developing it as an agricultural crop that could be produced sustainablyreliably, and cost effectively by farmers. Its Latin name is Buglossoides arvensis and is also known as Lithospermum arvense, although it has a range of colloquial names such as corn gromwell and stoneseed.

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Ahiflower is the commercial name given to this wonderful plant, derived from the Hawaiian word ‘Ahi’ for Yellowfin tuna. In the same way that ‘ahi’ is the benchmark for good sushi tuna, so Ahiflower is the benchmark for super fresh, healthy nutritional plant oils.

After more than 10 years of dedicated agronomic researchgood agricultural practicetraditional plant breeding and natural selection, Ahiflower is now grown across thousands of hectares of prime farmland in the UK. It is grown conventionally using minimal inputs that comply with strict UK environmental regulations and requires all growers to follow our proprietary Crop Assured 365® stewardship requirements and allow us to proudly say ‘Naturally authentic. From soil to oil.’ This is our trusted assurance to you of:

  • Safety

  • Efficacy

  • Purity

  • Sustainability

  • Authenticity