What is Ahiflower?

Ahiflower is a naturally wild and now cultivated agricultural crop, grown by farmers in the United Kingdom. Each Ahiflower bloom produces up to four seeds. These seeds are pressed to produce a superior omega-rich, healthy oil with a higher quality and higher quantity of omegas than any other seed oil ever discovered.


Grown by an elite group of UK farmers

We partner with independent farmers who are passionate about cultivating healthy, sustainable crops that promote the health of families globally and also preserve our ocean’s ecosystems.

An unrivaled omega source

Ahiflower oil contains more biologically advanced omegas than any other natural plant source. Furthermore, Ahiflower combines the health support benefits of taking evening primrose, flaxseed, and fish oils — from a single plant.

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A versatile super omega that will boost any formulation

Ahiflower oil is a clean-tasting oil that has been successfully formulated into soft-gels, salad dressing, protein bars, plant-based milks and powders.